Workforce Accelerator FAQ’s


All Users

Some of the questions are not appearing correctly on my screen.  What should I do?

Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.  We worked hard to make Workforce Accelerator compatible with all browsers, but sometimes errors do occur.  The database was developed using Google Chrome.  If you are still experiencing issues, you can download Google Chrome for free here:

I am still experiencing technical issues.  What should I do?

If you can’t log in please call (317) 968-9024, and we will troubleshoot with you. Once you are logged in as either a job candidate or an employer, you will see a help button on the right hand side of your screen. Clicking that will give you a phone number you can call or an email form that you can use.  Someone from our staff will be happy to help you work through any issues that you are experiencing.



Why is Workforce Accelerator a better choice for my business than other job boards?

Workforce Accelerator is not a job board—it is better than a job board!  Other job boards give you a deluge of resumes that you may or may not want to pursue. Workforce Accelerator has a patent pending algorithm that matches your position profile with the skills and attributes of job seekers.  You know that matches you get have the basic requirements to be successful in your positions, saving you time and money.

This job profile seems long. Are all these questions necessary for me to answer?

Yes, they are.  Each question that you answer gives us more information about the types of employees you want to hire.  Workforce Accelerator saves your profile after every question, so you can complete it in several sessions.

Is there a way for me to copy positions so I don’t have to fill out the profile multiple times for the same position?

Yes, on the position screen there is a Copy Position button.  You can use that to list the same position in multiple locations.  Use the Help button in the right hand column if you need further assistance.

How can I be sure that I am getting the best matches?

Make sure that you are filling out your position profile as accurately as possible.  Pay particular attention to the drop down questions where you are asked how important each factor should be in the match.  That tells the system which factors are most important for you in potential employees. 

How quickly can I expect to get a match for my open positions?

Workforce Accelerator will look for matches about an hour after your position profile is complete.  Every time you log in to the site you can look for current matches. New job candidates sign up every day, so check back often.

My company has never hired someone with a disability. How can I get more information on employing people with disabilities?

Tangram Business Resourcing helps our partners implement successful inclusion strategies for individuals with all types of disabilities so thier businesses can enjoy higher returns. Please use the Contact Us button, our staff are ready to answer your questions.



Job Candidates

I have completed my profile, what will happen next?

The information in your profile will be matched against all of the positions listed in Workforce Accelerator.  If you are a match for a position, your contact information and uploaded documents will be shared with the employer.  The employer will then have the opportunity to contact you. You may also receive an email with instructions from the employer if you have matched with their position with further information.

Why doesn’t the pending match screen show the names of companies who are considering me?

The companies who are listing positions on Workforce Accelerator are very excited about the opportunity to hire qualified people with disabilities and veterans. However, they want to be able to recruit and hire at their own pace to ensure that they are ready to give job candidates the best opportunities to succeed.   We do not show the names of companies, so they have the time to make the best hiring decisions they can.

What should I do? I completed a profile several weeks ago, but haven’t heard from anyone. 

Employers are constantly putting new jobs in Workforce Accelerator.  When you match to a position, employers may contact you about your profile.  In the meantime, review your profile to make sure that you answers are accurate and reflect you experience and interests.

Who will contact me if I am a match for a position?

If you are a match for a position, your contact information will be forwarded to the HR staff with the employer.  If they are interested, they will reach out to you about next steps. You may also receive an email with instructions from the employer if you have matched with their position.

I am looking for a job. Do I have to pay to use this tool?

No, the service is completely free for job candidates.

I don’t have a disability. Can I still use Workforce Accelerator? 

If you are a veteran you can use Workforce Accelerator.  Workforce Accelerator is intended for people with disabilities and veterans.

I don’t have time to complete my profile in one sitting. Can I save and return later?

Yes, Workforce Accelerator saves your profile after every question.  Feel free to complete your profile in multiple settings.  But remember, you will not be matched with jobs until your profile is complete.